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31 August 2023
By Dorian, Shift Manager

An insight to working at OGM

An insight to working at OGM
More than 25 new jobs are coming to Caerphilly County in the next 12 months and set to be delivered by OGM in partnership with Acorn by Synergie. 

In preparation for their upcoming recruitment campaign, we spoke to Dorian who is currently a permanent employee of OGM to gain some insight of what it’s like to work at OGM and why you should consider applying to work with them.

OGM manufactures and supplies specialist technical plastic injection moulded parts and components across the electronics, automotive, medical and general industry sectors from two sites, one in Oxfordshire and the other in South Wales.

Read all about Dorian who lives locally to OGM and has progressed from Machine Operator to Shift Manager in just 7 years...


Shift Manager Dorian, OGM


What was your first position at OGM?

I started at OGM as a Machine Operator over 7 years ago, back then they were run by a different company. I was in the role of Machine Operator and was given a permanent contract after 12 weeks. Following 4 years as a machine operator I progressed into the quality department.

After three years, I was offered the position of Shift Manager and following a 6-week trial, I now work full-time as Shift Manager. It was always my aim to progress through the company and OGM made that possible.


What is your role now and what is a normal day like for you?

As Shift Manager, I run the team, ensure production is run at the best quality possible, and we are hitting our targets. 


What is the best thing about working at OGM?

I like it all! Of course, there are good and bad days but mostly good here. We have a strong team and great relationships, not just on the shop floor but management is great as well. We are looked after and there is plenty of work available. We are a small group on the shop floor, but we are like a family, we have loads of respect for each other.

We also have various training opportunities, such as forklift training, learning different materials or being trained on computer systems. There is a real chance for Machine Operators to step up and progress.


How did you feel when you were offered a permanent position?

Excited and very happy to be given the position, I’ve worked really hard here, and it was great to see my hard work had paid off.


Would you recommend OGM to friends and family looking for work?

Yes, there is a great working culture here.


Great team culture


What would your advice be to anyone considering a temporary role?

Start with a recruitment agency. If you want to join OGM, start with Acorn and check what jobs are available. After going to Acorn, I was placed straight away and gained loads of experience. There is a good future with this company and the workforce is looking to expand.